Finland Rail Passes

Finland Rail Passes
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Situated between Russia and Sweden, Finland is a country that might seem overshadowed by its impressive neighbours. Take a little time to travel through this Scandinavian gem, though, and you’ll discover a country rich with culture, art, history and some of the most stunning natural landscapes imaginable.

Starting in the vibrant southern capital of Helsinki, travel up to pretty Tampere, which nestles between two great lakes, Swedish-influenced Vaasa, and – further north still – Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland (and the official home town of Santa Claus). With a Finland rail pass in your pocket, travelling around this amazing country becomes cheap, easy and incredibly scenic.

Choosing a Rail Pass
The Finland Pass allows for travel on participating Finnish rail lines all across the country. It also gives you free access to certain bus routes, and discounts on ferry travel and attractions.

If you’re wanting to see more than just Finland, look into booking a Global Pass, which lets you travel around 30 different European countries, including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany. With this pass, you have ultimate freedom.

Booking your Rail Pass
Once you have decided which type of Finland rail pass will suit you best, you can start the booking process through International Rail.

If you are booking a Finland Pass, take some time to decide on the number of travel days you will require within the one-month period (3, 4, 6 or 8). There are more ticket options if you are booking the Global Pass, so in this case it may be worth planning out an itinerary of the destinations you'd like to stop at.

To book individual Finland rail tickets, head to our Rail Tickets page.