Japan is a hugely varied country, where vast, cosmopolitan megacities give way to rural landscapes, and where ancient culture blends happily with cutting edge technology. It's impossible to gauge the true spirit of the country from one destination alone, so train travel is the perfect way to explore all that this amazing country has to offer.

Explore Japan with a Japan Rail Pass

Exclusively available to non-Japan residents, a Japan Rail Pass allows you to travel across the country for 7, 14 or 21 consecutive days in a month. During that period, you can enjoy unlimited travel – hop on and off as you please – on most of Japan's rail network, including its world famous Shinkansen bullet trains.

For your further convenience, the Japan train tickets also covers many buses and ferries, so you should be able to tailor-make the route that's perfect for you.

We offer train tickets and rail passes across other Asian countries as well, including South Korea, Malaysia and more.

Train Travel in Japan

Rail travel in Japan can be very busy at peak times in major cities. A Japan Rail Green Pass is a first class pass which gives you access to quieter parts of the train. For most train journeys, however, an ordinary train tickets in Japan would be sufficient, as Japanese trains are typically comfortable and super-efficient, regardless of which class you travel in.

Long distance trains have reclining seats which can be swiveled to face in the opposite direction if required, and most trains have drinks trolleys, vending machines and plenty of leg room.

In Japan, rail tickets can be very expensive for a single, individual trip. Buying a Japan rail pass usually offers great savings over buying point to point rail tickets for your journey.