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      Non Japanese nationals only eligible for this product.

This pass is great because...

  • It’s the best way to discover Japan and it’s valid on most Japanese “Bullet Trains”
  • It’s cheaper than two Point to Point tickets
  • You can enjoy unlimited train travel within validity of this pass and the freedom to hop-on/hop-off

Experience the adventure of train travel

Japan Rail Pass Japan Train Pass

Japan is a fascinating mix of ancient cultures and cutting edge technology, a country steeped in tradition and culture where colourful shrines sit happily alongside vibrant mega-cities. Visiting Japan is an experience to savor and there's no better way to do that than with a Japan Rail Pass.

What Is a Japan Rail Pass?

Japan Rail Passes are exclusively for tourists; you can't buy one from within the country, so it must be booked before you make you trip. You will be sent a voucher called an ‘exchange order’ and once in Japan, you validate this voucher at a Japan Railways travel centre (at most major rail stations and airports) and at that point you choose the date you want your pass to start from.

A Japan Rail Pass can be valid for 7, 14 or 21 consecutive days, and it allows for unlimited travel during that period on most of Japan Railways' extensive network, including the world famous bullet trains.

Interestingly, Japan Rail Passes are also valid for affiliated buses and ferries, so if you plan to travel extensively across Japan this pass offers excellent value for money.

You can choose from a Green Pass (first class) or an Ordinary Japan Rail Pass – first class travel in Japan is usually quieter and less busy, but ordinary train travel is always fast, clean and super-efficient in any case.

What Are the Trains Like?

All long distance trains in Japan have comfortable seats, which can be reclined and can also be turned around to face in the opposite direction; useful if you are travelling in a group.

The Shinkansen, or bullet trains, really are incredibly fast – although there are different types of bullet train services, some of which are speedier than others. Again, the trains themselves are comfortable, with plenty of leg room, and onboard vending machines and drinks trolleys.

Rail travel is the perfect way to see Japan. Get started on your Japanese adventure today!