Croatia Rail Passes

Croatia Rail Passes
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Train Tickets in Croatia

Travel to this beautiful country and you can explore the buzzing capital of Zagreb, party all night in Split, island-hop between Brac, Hvar and Korcula, and tour the historic sights of beautiful Dubrovnik. A country built on Eastern European, Central European and Mediterranean influences, Croatia is a stunning mix of landscapes, cuisines and architecture. And when you travel with a Croatia rail pass you can explore every corner of it – without breaking the bank.

Choosing a Croatia Rail Pass
There are two rail passes which can be used for travel through Croatia. The first is the Croatia Pass, a one-country ticket which allows you to use a number of train services all over the country. With this pass, you can travel for free on certain bus routes where rail travel isn’t possible. You can also get fantastic discounts on certain hotels in Zagreb, Osijek and Split.

The other pass which allows for travel through Croatia is the Global Pass. This comprehensive pass allows you to travel between 30 European countries, including Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Hungary. This pass allows for all all kinds of freebies and discounts, and is very flexible when it comes to the number of travel days and the period over which you travel.

For both passes, youths can get fantastic discounts on the price of their ticket. Discounts for seniors and children are also available.

Booking your Croatia Rail Pass
It’s very easy to book your chosen Croatia rail pass using International Rail. Simply select the pass, choose between first and second class travel and decide on the number of travel days you require.

If you only require individual Croatia rail tickets with specific dates and destinations, you can use our Rail Tickets tool.