South Korea
South Korea

South Korea is an alluring destination, packed with stunning landscapes, distinctive local culture and ancient mysteries.

What is a Korea Rail Pass?

The Korea Rail Pass is a discounted rail pass available only to foreign visitors to South Korea. It allows for unlimited travel on KoRail trains, and can be bought for anything between one and seven days duration.

What is a Korea Rail Saver Pass?

Unless you are travelling alone, a Korea Rail Saver Pass offers the best value for money. This discounted Korea rail pass is valid for a group of between two and five people travelling together, so it's perfect for families or a group of friends.

What are the Trains Like?

Trains in South Korea are efficient, clean and punctual. The Korea Rail Pass or Korea Rail Saver Pass includes travel on the high speed KTX trains from Seoul to Busan. These run several times a day, and take just over two and a half hours to complete the journey.

Korea's Sight Seeing Trains

Korea has a tradition of sightseeing trains which are popular with both Koreans and foreign visitors alike. Of these, four are included in the Korea Rail Pass. Each is highly decorated and themed, typically with entertainment and music, and the journeys include stops which allow you to experience something of Korea's culture.

O Train – this is the central inland region tour train, and travels through some spectacular mountain valleys and glorious scenery.

A Train – be entertained by magic shows while looping through the Jeongseon area; stops include Hwaam Cave, Asia's largest limestone cave.

S Train – the Namdo Sea sightseeing train features a car specifically designed for the traditional Korean tea experience.

G Train – the newest sightseeing train, the West Gold train, focusing on the coastal areas of the West Sea.

It's so much more interesting than road travel in Korea – book your Korea Rail Saver Pass today, and see what you can discover!