Kansai Wide Area Pass

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Have an Unforgettable Journey. Experience Japan by Train with a Japan Rail West Kansai Wide Area Pass


Note: Non Japanese nationals only eligible for this product

This pass is great because...

  • It’s the best way to discover Japan and it’s valid on most Japanese “Bullet Trains”
  • It’s cheaper than two Point to Point tickets
  • You can enjoy unlimited train travel within validity of this pass and the freedom to hop-on/hop-off

Experience the adventure of train travel

Kansai WIDE Area Pass Kansai WIDE Area Pass

The island nation of Japan is famous for many things: sushi, mountain scenery, fashion and an appealing mix of modernity and tradition, to name just a few. Travel to this part of the world with a Kansai Wide Area Pass, and you can visit the beautiful Nunobiki Falls in Kobe, marvel at the temples of Kyoto, and brush up on your Japanese history at the museums of Osaka.

Booking your Japan Rail West Kansai Wide Area Pass
The Japan Rail West Kansai Wide Area Pass is available to temporary visitors to Japan who hold a foreign passport. It can be booked quickly and easily through International Rail, and offers 5 days of continuous travel in the Kansai region.

To book an alternative rail pass for Japan, visit our Rail Passes page. You can also book individual train tickets for Japan on our Rail Tickets page.

Using your Japan Rail West Kansai Wide Area Pass
Your Japan Rail West Kansai Wide Area Pass can be used to travel between the cities of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Himeji, Okayama and Nara. It can be used on the Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train that travels between Shin-Osaka and Okayama, as well as a number of express trains, rapid services and local trains.

Kansai WIDE Area Pass is valid for unlimited travel within the area shown on the map here.

Valid trains are below;

  • Non-reserved seats on Bullet Train "SANYO SHINKANSEN" (Shin-Osaka ⇔ Okayama)
  • Non-reserved seats on Express Trains 'HARUKA, KUROSHIO, THUNDERBIRD, KOUNOTORI, SUPER HAKUTO (Kyoto ⇔ Kamigori) etc.'
  • Special Rapid Services, Rapid Services, and Local trains on JR-WEST Conventional lines

* These trains below cannot be used

  • Bullet Train "TOKAIDO SHINKANSEN" (Shin-Osaka ⇔ Tokyo)
  • Bullet Train "SANYO SHINKANSEN" (Okayama ⇔ Hakata)
  • Bullet Train "KYUSHU SHINKANSEN" (Hakata ⇔ Kagoshima-Chuo)