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Vietnam Rail Passes
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There is something inexplicably simple, yet powerful about the beauty of Vietnam. Exotic and compelling at the same time, the mesmerizing aspects of the rich Vietnamese heritage draw you in and keep you looking for more.

A conflict torn region though it might be, the nation is nevertheless one that has shown quick development and retained much of it ethereal natural beauty. For the tourist, there’s an experience waiting everywhere in Vietnam - whether it is crossing the street full of mopeds, a visit to the caves in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, or paying homage at the cemeteries honouring war victims.

There’s much to explore, especially locations such as Halong Bay, the eclectic street food stalls all over Vietnam, motor biking stints in the jaw-dropping Hai Van Pass in central Vietnam, or taking it easy at one of Vietnam’s countless spas.

With International Rail’s Vietnam Rail Pass, travelling by train across Vietnam is both easy and safe. After all, what better way to explore the beautiful country than to hop onto a train and admire the picturesque views?

The national railway network is operated by Vietnam Railways, which is an ageing service, but all the more dependable because of this. Train travel by the Vietnamese railway network is a great way to relax and get around the nation.

International Rail makes compelling offers of the cheapest options for Vietnam Rail Tickets. On the other hand, travelling with a Vietnam Rail Pass gets you anywhere across Vietnam’s extensive rail network with a single ticket.

Whether you opt for point-to-point tickets or an all-encompassing rail pass, the benefits of train travel far outweigh any other mode of transport in discovering the Southeast Asian country. With International Rail, you can also book rail tickets and rail passes across other international destinations and destinations in Asia itself. For instance, get a Japan Rail Pass or a South Korea Rail Pass to visit these beautiful places, along with Vietnam train booking!

So, go ahead, book today and explore Vietnam like you never did before!