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  • affordable: buy once, travel often
  • flexible: valid anytime—no blackout dates
  • worry-free: with a pass, you're always ready to go
  • perfect for frequent travellers: choose the pass that fits your needs

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  • 1. Description

    ***VIA Rail have discontinued all rail passes and discounts at the moment. They are currently working on new products to better meet the current and future needs of passengers across the country. Stay tuned for different offers in 2023***

    Canada is a huge country and travelling across it can be tricky – not to mention expensive. With a Canada Rail Pass in your pocket, you can save money and the hassle of booking last-minute travel, enjoying multiple train journeys in either the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, or across the whole of Canada.

    Of course, there’s a lot more to Canada than Quebec and Ontario. If you’re keen to explore the other provinces, then Canada Rail Pass System is the rail pass for you. With this ticket, you can travel across the country for up to 60 consecutive days. The pass allows you to travel as far east as Nova Scotia, and as far west as Vancouver.

  • 2. Eligibility

    This pass is available everyone apart from Canadian residents/citizens.

  • 3. Eligibility for Saver

    Saver Pass not available for this pass.

  • 4. Discount

    Upgrade to Sleeper Plus class: Get a 25% discount if you wish to upgrade to a cabin + a 40% discount if you wish to upgrade to a berth, on a trip-by-trip basis.

    Upgrade to Business and Touring class: Get a 40% discount if you wish to upgrade to Business and Touring class, on a trip-by-trip basis.

  • 5. Validity

    Choose from 6, 12, or unlimited travel credits (one-way trips).

    Select a validity period of 15, 30, or 60 days.

  • 6. Terms and Conditions

    Select a validity period of 15, 30 or 60 days as well as the desired first date of travel.

    Six (6), 12 or unlimited credits are available when purchasing.

    Valid for travel everywhere in Canada throughout the VIA Rail network.

    Select the Economy or Escape fare in Economy class.


    • Log in to your file or create one This link open a new tab prior to booking.
    • Book your one-way or round-trip ticket for travel within the valid period and zone of your rail pass.
    • On the "Passengers Information" screen, select Rail pass as the "Discount Type" and enter the 13-digit serial number of your rail pass in the "Serial Number" field.
    • Your trip will be repriced, and the applicable number of credits will be deducted from your rail pass, if your trip meets the conditions of your rail pass.

    Upgrades to Business class, Touring class or Berth accommodations are available at 40% off of best available fare. Upgrades to cabins are also offered at 25% off of best available fare. A travel credit will be deducted when upgrading with your pass. Not applicable to Prestige.

    Travel credits are exchangeable and refundable prior to departure without service charge.

    Login to your profile, access your original booking and then proceed to make the changes for your desired date, train and departure time. Please note that you must still select the appropriate fare family when making changes. You can also cancel online your original booking if you wish. It is recommended that you ensure space in the applicable fare class is available on the desired departure prior to changing your original booking. Any changes or cancellations must be done prior to the departure time of your original booking.

    If you have a paper ticket issued by a VIA Rail station, please contact VIA directly at 1 888 VIA-RAIL (1 888 842-7245) or TTY 1 800 268-9503 (hearing impaired) or go to any VIA station to make the changes directly with a VIA agent. Your ticket must be changed prior to the departure time of your original booking.

    The pass is refundable with a $50 (or equivalent amount in the currency you purchased your pass in) service charge if no credit is used, the pass is not expired, and no tickets booked have been cancelled after the chosen train's scheduled departure. An admin fee may also be charged.

    Not transferable, only valid for travel by the person whose name is on the issued pass.

    VIA Rail can limit the quantities sold of these passes.

    Use of a rail pass when government-issued photo ID does not match the name of the passenger on the ticket or without valid photo ID may result in the immediate cancellation of the Pass.

    Remaining or unused credits at the expiration date of a rail pass are not refundable, non-transferable or exchangeable.

    The following practices may result in the immediate cancellation of the Pass:

    • Duplicate bookings on the same train or on multiple departures for the same date, or failure to cancel an unused booking prior to train departure.
    • Illogical bookings, such as departing from two different places when it would be impossible to travel on all legs of such trips.
    • Use of a rail pass when government-issued photo ID does not match name of the passenger on the ticket or without valid photo ID.

    All bookings are accepted and all passes are issued on the express condition that International Rail is not responsible nor liable for any loss (consequential or otherwise); damage (including, but not limited to, loss of, or damage to passengers' clothes, baggage, property, whatsoever); death, injury, delay, inconvenience or irregularity caused by, or arising from, or in connection with, any defect in any train, vehicle or other land or sea conveyance used, rented, or travelled in; or through the negligence, willful misconduct, strikes, or other acts, defaults, or omissions of any railroad carrier, car rental or other provider of goods and services.